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Employee Testimonials

Hi, I’m Sahana and I was the first employee at Valenta. Thanks to Valenta I have had multiple opportunities to travel to Australia and each time has been a very different experience with plenty of learning and memorable moments. I’ve had the opportunity to attend conferences and meet the best of financial advisers in the industry. I have also got the chance to explore this beautiful country and experience its culture. I loved learning about the country’s history and visiting its many museums. These opportunities have boosted my morale and I look forward to more such visits.

Sahana Patil
Team Manager - Paraplanning

My name is Mario Dove, and I have been with Valenta for over 3 years. I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Australia during this time. Sharing the same work space with my clients gave me a chance to see the bigger picture and what it takes to ensure all that is promised is delivered. I loved and embraced the work culture and work ethic. After work hours was very exciting. I’m passionate about fishing, and I was thrilled when I got to go angling in Australia and visit Steve Irwin’s zoo. My visit to Australia was amazing and I am certainly looking forward for more.

Mario Dove
Senior Paraplanner

I’m Faten and I’m part of the Valenta office in Malaysia. Working in Valenta has given me a lot of opportunities in terms of growing and enhancing my skills. In 2016, I attended the FPA conference at Perth where I was introducing our services to potential advisors. In 2018, i got to meet one of my clients in Brisbane and attend an M3 conference in Gold Coast. Attending the M3 conference was a blast since most of the advisers are our existing clients. I loved Australia and I can’t wait for such visits.

Faten Hashim
Senior Paraplanner

Hi, I’m Ronald and I’ve been with Valenta since 2016 in Malaysia. Thanks to Valenta, I was privileged to travel to Sydney and Perth in June-July 2018. I had first travelled to Sydney to visit my client with whom I have been working for close to 2 years. After spending a week in Sydney, I then flew to Perth to visit another client which I had recently started working with. I believe that visiting and spending time with the clients has been very beneficial as I was able to build a stronger relationship with them, able to see their work environment. The time spent there helped me better understand client’s expectations and reasons for outsourcing. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience and loved Australia.

Ronald Pereira
Team Leader - Admin

I have enjoyed my role at Valenta as an individual and as a team leader, as I love interacting with different kinds of people and handling various scenarios which make my job very interesting. The work environment is quite relaxed, and Valenta always rewards its employees for excellence!

Lava Kumar
Senior Accountant - Accounting

As a fresher in Valenta, I received training in the client communication process, and have also gained a lot of knowledge and experience with time as I get assistance from my team leader. Working at Valenta is a great opportunity, where I’m able to learn new things and enrich my knowledge about the Australian financial market and situation.

Siti Nur Nadia Samson
Financial Planning Adminstration - Admin